Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm unable to resist...

...this chance to blog from my cell phone again-the gadget temptation is too great. this post is completely unable to justify itself unless you value such family vacation gems like this one (see above) or stories of canucks driving along with gas caps hanging on the side (those silly canadians!) or cars bursting into flames as you pass. in other news i'll be moving to binghamton monday. from what josh tells me, my room is pretty sweet, complete with a huge closet and massive octagonal bay windows. so i'm purty durn excited. but i'm going to miss all my virginian friends :-\ ...and mia :-(


Brianna Springer said...

Octagonal windows? I'm jealous. They are a very fine architectural feature. Are you, perchance, allowed to burn candles? *hopeful look*

Take care!

PS--The picture's priceless! Fun times!

Ali said...


[virtual equivalent]