Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prose Passage Assignment...

In my poetry workshop, we had an assignment to take a line of prose and build a poem upon it. The passage I chose was from the book Blindness by José Saramago...a book we're reading in my creative fiction class.

The Blind Man
That night the blind man dreamt he was blind.
~José Saramago

That night the blind man
dreamt that he was blind
which was odd
because he always dreamt that he could see.

He stumbled around the house,
stubbing his foot on the bathtub
and unable to find his

He picked up a book
and tried to read it.He ran his fingers
over the mute images.

He dialed the wrong number
and had to apologize profusely,
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s
happened. Usually, I can see
in my dreams.”

Then he sat and cried
like he did sometimes
when he was awake.

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Hapax Legomenon said...

I like it . . . keep working on it.