Thursday, January 24, 2008

unshowered poem

i was temporarily unwelcome in a few homes
and driving back to binghamton
i was surprised at how quickly it came
and i had not thought of yet
where it was that i could go
and the internet cafe was still closed
and i didn't feel like sitting in church
so i just drove in circles around binghamton
for a while
and blew gas money
before pulling into the parking lot
of the old magic city ice house
beside the river
beside the susquehanna.
i told myself a poetic line
everyone need to be unwelcome
in his own house from time
to time. to be like christ
no place to lay your head.
no toilet to call your own
just a dessert and sand blowing
up your ass, the inconsistency
of toilet paper is probably
the worst feeling
and most disorienting way to live.
to wed the sacred
and profane. to lose
one's mind over and over.
in that parking lot i found
a frozen snowglobe. the contents
held in chaos by the frozen elements.
the glass was cracked in the icy overflow.
i picked it up and kept it
until it melted and the world was gone.p
and then i left to find a place to sleep
for the night.

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