Wednesday, May 20, 2009

goodbye greyhound

i have to admit right up front my bitter relationship with greyhound. after 2 years of riding with them, they never told me about their frequent rider program until the end of my stint, by which point it was too late and i couldn't actually benefit from it in any real way.

also, after 2 years of riding greyhound, by the end they finally got nice new buses and started running them to nyc all the time. free wifi, more legroom. and i'm like, wtf mate? you couldn't do this 2 years ago?

but now i'm feeling all nostalgic. they're tearing down the greyhound of my youth! and i'm watching it all happen through my window.

it's also been exciting, of course. watching them demolish the building is exhilarating. except for the fact that i've missed every major wall come down. i waited all yesterday for one side to come down, and they finally took it down this morning when i happened to be not looking out my window. and then, in the midst of this very blog post, i took a bathroom break to come back and find that yes, indeed, another wall had come down. needless to say i was pissed.

but it also made me think of rod serling. one of the prides of bingo-town is the fact that the creator of the twilight zone came from binghamton. most people don't recognize that binghamton actually is the real twilight zone. any of you who've ever come here will know that.

the beer is cheap, though, so i stick around.

inspired, however, as i was by the tearing down of the greyhound, i began watching old episodes of the twilight zone, mainly the one set in the binghamton (or near binghamton--ithaca?) station. it's worth a looksee.

one last thing before i show you the video...i've noticed construction workers (or at least the crane operators) have a complex sign language they use to communicate with each other over the roar of the machinery. who knew?

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