Wednesday, May 20, 2009

meanwhile across the street

from the greyhound, amera's cup o soup cafe is getting a facelift. this guy has is a tenacious little stinker. when i first moved in there was a place called "the jamaican yardspot" that was only open sporadically (though the food was pretty good). then suddenly, in the middle of the night (literally), i see a giant moving van outside and they're all moving like the dickens. the next day, i walk in and there's an egyptian fellow making soup. i come in, say hello, ask what happened.

the yardspot was closing down anyhow, and he was moving in after, he told me. apparently, though, they took off with a lot of his equipment, which he had moved in ahead of time. this doesn't stop the guy...he begins to remodel, while selling food! pretty good food too. over the last few months, bit by bit, he's been investing in this place. it's in a good spot too. when they're done tearing down the greyhound, they're gonig to build the binghamton intermodal transit terminal, and my guess is that if he can survive until that point, he'll do pretty well with all the traffic going through this formerly dead intersection of binghamton.

oh, and one last thing...apparently his wife drained 10k out of their accounts and kicked him out? i don't know if i blame her, though...this guy's a workaholic.

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