Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on suddenly feeling like blogging again...

so, i have pretty much not blogged since...a long while. and i mean blogged for real. i don't know if i ever did it, in fact. i used to post poetry and depression on my xanga, but i hardly do even that anymore. for years i preferred xanga because they didn't screw up the formatting of my poetry. but it seems as though blogger may have resolved some of its issues.

it's not that i've given up on xanga...ok, i have. it's just depressing being over there! i resisted blogger for many years, but it seems now that i have finally succumbed. but not before meeting my (future) wife on xanga first! (yea, lame, i know.)

so sue me. i've changed blogs more twilight kingdom. it was too depressing and existential and freshman year in collegey anyhow.

but the fact is, i haven't blogged anywhere really for a long time, and suddenly i feel like doing it. probably because i suddenly have more time on my hands, having finally finished a long 2 years of schooling.

i can't promise that if i get busy again i won't drop this...or that i won't get bored...or hell, that i won't change blog sites (xanga also suddenly became and eyesore and confusing to use and blogger's all integrated with google products, and it was just so tempting, i couldn't help myself anymore). but so help me God, blogger, if you do the same i will drop you like an ugly prom date.

and in fact, i'm probably already outdated...everybody's got their twitters and their facebook notes, and some of my old favorite friend blogs have closed down (RIP roox ampe). i'm really going oldschool here kickstarting my blog again, but hey--i'm contrarian, no servant of free enterprise.

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